While orthodontic treatment can start in patients as young as six years old, it is less about what age one can get braces than it is at what age they are ready for braces. Each child’s teeth develop differently, and that makes the appropriate age for braces differ as well. Dr. Raymond Kubisch and Dr. Andrew Ferris of Kubisch & Ferris Orthodontics have some tips to help determine if your child will need braces in Santa Barbara, CA and if/when they should start treatment.


  • Has your child lost all of their baby teeth? While it is possible for orthodontic appliances to be started when a child still has all of their baby teeth, Dr. Raymond Kubisch recommends waiting until the child only has adult teeth so that they can all be aligned together and permanently.
  • Have their molars grown in yet? When molars are already present in a child’s mouth, they then can be aligned with the rest of the teeth, which equates to a straighter smile at the end of treatment.
  • Are there any serious problems in the mouth? About the age of 7, the mouth is often well developed and the baby teeth are beginning to fall out to make room for adult teeth. Dr. Andrew Ferris suggests to schedule an appointment with Kubisch & Ferris Orthodontics around this time so your child’s teeth can be evaluated. Dr. Raymond Kubisch will evaluate your child’s teeth and discover if your child’s teeth are at the right time for braces (or if there are any problems that will become more serious in the future).
  • Has your child met with an orthodontist? If your child does not meet with an orthodontist, he or she is not ready to get braces. Kubisch & Ferris Orthodontics can give a full review of your child’s teeth and determine what type of braces would be best and when the ideal time to start treatment would be.

While anyone from the ages of six to one hundred can get braces, each patient is unique and must begin treatment at a time that is most appropriate for them. Dr. Raymond Kubisch and Dr. Andrew Ferris of Kubisch & Ferris Orthodontics in Santa Barbara, CA is happy to consult with each patient individually. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us at: 805.687.7417

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